Man what to say about this I'm not sure were to start. First of all I would like to thank OTB Gaming for allowing us the privilege to work with them as I know they could easily partner with a ton of organizations out there. Well a little history here soon after COD4 was released we were recruiting for COD4 and Fallen and BIlla came into contact with us. First impression really kool guys and they love watching movies as we have had many late nights talking about all kinds of film and watching some films as well. But we quickly became good buds and formed quite a professional relationship together. After a few successful runs with COD4 with us OTB then retired from competitive COD4 and kept doing there usual thing and that is operating one of the longest standing esports organizations that I know of basically a decade now or more they been around and have been very successful. This is definitely good ol times as we partner up again for some MMO and RTS titles ranging from StarCraft 2, Heroes Of Newerth, and World Of Warcraft. We are very excited to have them on board with us as we are growing and loving the esports experience and its very kool to share that with OTB Gaming as we have much respect and can relate to them when it comes to a lot of things in esports. Well again welcome all OTB members to hausen new and old later on everyone PEACE!!!

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