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New Site Redesign!!!! Tags: hausen esports site

We at hausen would like to thank MassThemes for the site redesign/theme they did a great job. Massthemes caters to the clients using Spruz Social Platform. Again thank you MassThemes it was a pleasure to work with you on this project!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

We at hausen wish all of you many blessings this coming year of 2011. May your New Years resolutions come to pass. Be safe and enjoy your New Years celebration among family and friends!!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!!!!

We at hausen wish everyone a blessed, safe, and memorable Christmas and Holiday!!! This is a time of reflection and togetherness. As we live, work, and play times like today make things relevant in a sense that everything slows down and we are able to reflect on what's important in life Faith, Family, and Friends. Today as you spend time with ones that are dear to you always remember to reflect and let people know you care and love them. We never know when the time may come that were are not able to do so. Be of great cheer everyone and this day how ever you may celebrate it just enjoy the moment as it will be one of many that you will enjoy!!!! 

Hausen gets invite to Black Ops Invitation SND Tournament!!!!

Great job guys very excited about this!!!! More information can be found here  Call Of Duty Blackops looks to be widely supported by a lot of leagues and various tourneys are already popping up things are looking very good thus far. Now we need a promod and some patch work and this will help out even more fingers crossed!!!!!


We at hausen would like to welcome new players for Halo Reach Division!!! Tags: halo hausen reach

Hey everyone Halo Reach is now apart of hausen via a great bunch of guys. Hausen is very excited to welcome Leader Michael "Troll" Bruce ,Co Leader Lucas "Kastor" Kaiser, Bryan "Sydarial" Skoreski, Robert "FearMe" Calderon. I have had the pleasure of meeting these gentlemen previous to this posting. They are very kool down to earth guys and are very knowledgeable about Halo and the competitive community that is Halo. Very skilled I have watched many theaters of them playing and wow just a lot of talent. Halo Reach is a great game if you have a Xbox 360 check it out and also make sure to check our guys out as well if your on Xbox live. Well as you see them around extend a friendly welcome as they are on xbox live but sometimes will be on our Ventrilo to say hello. We at hausen appreciate you guys coming on board and we look forward to watching great game play and looking forward to the new levels you guys will reach. Again welcome to Hausen!!!


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