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Combat Arms and A.V.A -TGL league S&D mini-season CA Team Riot -wogl pre-season Team Kronik 4-0 -wogl s1 season E7 gaming 1st division -wogl E7 gaming wogl season 1 champion -XPL AVA STFUgaming XPL S1 - preseason 1-0 Current 5th/4th -IJJI AVA 1000 $ Tournament rank 10, second Division ranked 5th-6th » XPL Ranked #4 - 6wins 2Losses » WOGL ranked #1 3wins 0 Losses(Bravo Division) » GACGL Ranked #2 2 wins 0 Losses » IJJI Demo. Ladder seed rank #7 87wins 50Losses » CFC league - Preaseason 0-0 Registered on XPL, WOGL,Combat-Fps, GACGL Past team : NWP Gaming, Team Kronik, E7 Gaming, STFU Gaming Current A.V.A team : Team Hausen A.V.A

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