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About Me
Here For

Cartire + anal beads. Also add whipped cream, chocolate sauce, a car battery, jumper cables, and a tooth brush for some extra fun.

Favorite Music
Porn soundtracks.

Favorite Movies
Back Door Sluts IX

Favorite Books
Do a bunch of prints of Cartire artistically posing stapled together count as a book? Well then that's my favorite book!

Favorite Quotations
She was legal in dog years!

General About Me
Besides my obvious obsession with Cartire, I guess I can say a little something about my past gaming history... Here is a little list of what I have played competitively: *DoD - 9 seasons in CaL, 2 which were in Main, 6 seasons in TPG, 2 which were in Upper and 2 in Mid. *CS1.6 - 2 seasons in CAL-O. *CS:S - 2 seasons in CAL-O *BF2 - 2 seasons in TWL. BF2:PR - 1/2 season in TWL (horribad game for league!) And now L4D! Raped faces in GameBattles (shitty league) played a game in CAL before it went down, played in many tournaments and in CEVO. i don't remember all the tourney names so I can't list them, also played at a LAN.

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