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We at hausen would like to welcome new players for Halo Reach Division!!! Tags: halo hausen reach

Hey everyone Halo Reach is now apart of hausen via a great bunch of guys. Hausen is very excited to welcome Leader Michael "Troll" Bruce ,Co Leader Lucas "Kastor" Kaiser, Bryan "Sydarial" Skoreski, Robert "FearMe" Calderon. I have had the pleasure of meeting these gentlemen previous to this posting. They are very kool down to earth guys and are very knowledgeable about Halo and the competitive community that is Halo. Very skilled I have watched many theaters of them playing and wow just a lot of talent. Halo Reach is a great game if you have a Xbox 360 check it out and also make sure to check our guys out as well if your on Xbox live. Well as you see them around extend a friendly welcome as they are on xbox live but sometimes will be on our Ventrilo to say hello. We at hausen appreciate you guys coming on board and we look forward to watching great game play and looking forward to the new levels you guys will reach. Again welcome to Hausen!!!


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